Al Pacino

Al Pacino

"Francesca your project shows a deep concern for the craft of acting. It would make me very happy to see you express your dreams"

Anne and Eli Wallach

"We give enthusiastic support to the plan of an international workshop. The commonality for a craft of acting is exciting to anticipate. Francesca de Sapio is well equipped to teach and we offer our help in whatever capacity it is needed."

Anne Bancroft

"I support with great enthusiasm this marvellous concept for an international actor's workshop."

Juan Canedo

Liz Dixon

Carlyn Glinn

Charles Gordone

Lee Grant


Arthur Penn

"I am very glad to be one of the Duse's patrons. The work you have done with your actors is of great quality. I haven't seen it in other places and I have seen many, believe me."

Gayle Greene

Marcia Heufrecht

Herny Jaglom


Elia Kazan

"I do hope your project goes through. I consider it a worthy one."

Harvey Keitel

"I will personally partecipate in what I consider such an important project, and lend my name to its board of directors."

Tomas Milian

"Having lived between Italy and the U.S.A, I find it is necessary to create a center that will encourage contacts between the two countries. I therefore feel enthusiasticly about the possibility of this exchange and offer my name and collaboration to it's center."

Herny Madden

Liska March

Peter Masterson


Nikita Mikhalkov

"I'm convinced that the Duse has an enormous importance for the Italian actors"

Silvia Miles

Estelle Parsons

Lazaro Perez


Norman Mailer

"I am very much in favour of this kind of cultural exchange and offer my name and support to this project"

Joseph Ragno


Sydney Pollack

"Francesca de Sapio is uniquely qualified to teach acting technique in the tradition of the American Actors Studio."

Corrado Rosch

Sandra Seacat

Madeleine Sherwood

Susan Strasberg

Shelley Winters